To Whom it May Concern:


We were having an ok time with the USAA mortgage department, though our complaints are listed as follows.


  1. Getting in contact with either our loan handler – Lashanda Mutcherson, or her supervisor John was difficult to do, it seems they are either not at their desk or always on the phone, because we got her voice mail many times.
  2. Also, no email address was given for an alternate form of contact.
  3. We were not informed that the Appraisal was in process or was near completion.
  4. When we decided to switch to a different lender for a better interest rate, it was unfortunately bad-timing, because the appraisal was cancelled after it was started and before it was completed. Our handler told us that she didn’t know if the appraisal was underway or not.  
  5. Our new lender, not USAA, found out through the seller’s realtor that the appraiser did perform the appraisal, which was the first we had heard of it.
  6. We intended, therefore, to transfer the appraisal, but because it was cancelled and the ordered deleted, there was no completed appraisal.
  7. We called Lashanda, her colleague Jessica, and their supervisor John multiple times to inquire about the appraisal, it took at least 2 or 3 days to hear back from Lashanda, and when I did finally speak to Lashanda’s supervisor John, he was surprised that I got his number in order to speak to him.
  8. John told us that we could not receive our deposit back, this was because he understood the appraisal to be completed.
  9. After we learned that the appraisal had not been completed, we called back again and again to speak to USAA, and had to wait a couple of days, to hear back from Lashanda again, she told us the same thing and that we should speak to John if we have any more issues.
  10. We would like our deposit back because the appraisal was not completed, and we were not informed of it starting. If this cannot be done, we will be addressing our complaints to those at USAA including Josue Robles or any who will be responsive, until we get our deposit back.





For over 17 years, I have been a loyal USAA customer for all of my banking, car insurance, homeowners insurance, car loans, and renters insurance needs.  After 12 months of dealing with a uncooperative, dishonest, and inattentive property loss claims adjuster,  in the Tampa, Flordia office,  with a less than desirable work ethic, we resorted to writing a letter to the CEO, all management officers and the Board Members.  The letter ending up being 11 pages with over 60 pages of Claims Center Communications attached thereto.  We outlined our claim and detailed the 285 plus days (out of 365 -  almost 80% of a year) spent either begging for responses to our requests for action on our claim or awaiting "tomorrow" to arrive (on the rare occasions we were able to receive a response, it was something along the lines of, "I will look at it tomorrow" which never arrived).  After transmitting the letter (yes, with all 60 pages plus of attachments) via facsimile and the United States Postal Service to each and every addressee, our claim received high priority attention and was settled and payment received in less than sixteen days from the date of the letter.  Unfortunately, it seems that is the only way to receive proper, or even acceptable, customer service - the kind I thought I had been paying for over the last 17 years.  Bottom line, formal communication to top management may be the solution to your problem.  Good luck!


I am glad to hear your issue was resolved, but I am very sorry it took as long as it did (and with so much work from you). It is our goal here in the community to get issues appropriately escalated, and pass along your comments and experiences to make USAA as a whole better. Thank you for sharing your experience and please do not hesitate to let us know if you need assistance with anything else. Thank you.

Dear James,

Thank you for posting and provide detailed information. I apologize for the confusion and lack of consistent communication. If you could please message us here with the best way to contact you, we can get a specialist to look into your situation and get your answers immediately. Thank you again for taking the time to post about your experience.

Update as of 11/10/2014:  I received a call from a USAA Advocate, and later that day I received a call from the Mortgage Department with a notification of a refund of my deposit.  They also apologized for the mis-communication.  Due to the poor-timing of the appraisal cancellation, some thought the deposit was used for the appraisal when in actuality it was not.  Thanks USAA for your quick response.


We are so pleased you received your deposit. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. Thank you for keeping us updated.