Where and Who can I contact for service on a home insurance claim

My pipe burst just one in the laundry room and usaa adjuster was sent out and he gave an amount for the damages $3,500 just for the laundry room. Now I had a general contractor show him around the basement where all the damages occured; rained down in the hall way, both bedrooms and of course the laundry room. There was and still is black mold that my family is still living in. Yes still living since 01 April 2019 and today is 18 June 2020. Black mold. Water damaged the ceiling of the basement,they say it is a basement but technically it is not because in order to be a basement the ground has to be on all sides 3/4 the way up it is not one wall is covered up one is not covered up with door and large windows bothe sides are less than 1/4 covered up with plenty of windows the place is flooded with sunshine, and flooded the space between the ceiling and floor of upstairs which made it rain down in both bedrooms and half of the hallway soacked the carpet and pad in both bedrooms, hallway, and part of the living room. I had the pipe that burst obviously in April 2019 for obvious reasons and set up dehumidifiers (3) to dry up the condition while my family is living there. I have since replaced them. I finally found a general contractor who has dealt with ussa before thank god. But now they are having problems with too. I have called them numerous times and I may get a call back if I am lucky. I was told to download all pertienent information to this email (I keep everything in a book). So I sent all documents, bids, and pictures. After three weeks I was finally able to talk to ussa and he tells me this email is wrong. Why then would they have been able in the past answer the emails I sent using this email? Then he proceeded to not answer my question and told me to separate the two claims and send to the emails that he gave me. I do not work for ussa and I am not ussa adjuster or representative he does. If he wants me to do that then ussa needs to send me a booklet and pay for my time. I am the customer. I just about lost his patience with me. Funny that. I have been paying for a service that is not being rendered and has not been rendered. That I know of is that I am the customer who paid ussa to render a service for 11 years and I am treated very badly. So the more this goes on the more I my dislike for ussa has turned to hatred for ussa. If anyone has lost patience it is the customer. Now if I had saved the money that I have paid to ussa for 11 years I would have been able to have the place fixed instead wasting my time of thinking about,  researching, calling up, going on line, checking and rechecking my file both on line and hard file, countless calls, text and email to my general contractor. As an Administrative Officer for the Technician Program at GS-11 I was making $38.75 and hour back in 2013 plus my military status. They owe me for my time. 

Oh yeah the other issue I have is they call me Specialist. Yep don't go from Active Navy to the Alaska Army National Guard because they will never promote you because you are no longer active. Active. Please I have been on deployment with the Navy and with the Guard. It is like a put down that should not be on me. I had the time, class scores were 98% or above, and good APFT Scores (at 50 y.o I ran the 2 miles in 17:30, twice pushups and three times the situps my age) the only problem was that I was not black or native. 

So thanks ussa for taking care of us military personnel....you have been great so far, not.


@SugarPig, Oh no, I'm sorry you have not had a positive experience. I recognize and value your concerns, and always want to make the claim process as easy as possible. apologize for any challenges you have faced settling your claim and I would like to escalate this issue to a subject matter expert. In reviewing your account, I am showing multiple claims. What was the date of the claim you are referencing? -LeKisha