I've decided that I'm going to get out of the Marine Corps at the end of this new enlistment in 2018.  In that 4 years I will have obtained my bachelors and I'll be looking into becoming a National Park Ranger.  The only thing I know about real estate is what I've learned from reading videos and talking to friends who own homes.


Being 4 years away from being able to even compete for a home, when do you think would be the best time to start looking and getting everything in order?  4 years, 2 years?


Thank you.


Why do you think you have to wait? Your VA loan requires nothing down and it's much easier to qualify off of a steady LES than whatever future income you might have. I work with E-4 and up to get them in new construction and other quality homes. If you don't buy now, and interest rates support a lot of house right now, DONT go and get an $800 car payment and guard your credit score carefully!

I would start now I find as I went thru USDA to get my new home loan and built this is my first, last and only home I have ever had built my builder was fantastic in getting it built even with allot of extra's, finding someone ( a home loan specialist at a bank) that can tell you where you are and where you need to be to obtain a home loan this helped me allot and keeping that good credit is a must I cherished mine like it was gold making sure I paid all my accounts on time every month no matter what, be careful on what you buy before you get your home loan. Income to debt ratio is critical keep your debt way down if possible Credit Karma is good to use and it's free so you can get a good indication of your credit score it gets you an idea of what your income to debt ratio is. If you plan on building make sure it's something you are comfortable with I wanted my new home built because you really never know how new something is and with it being brand new you basically have no worrries because you will know how new it is and how long you should expect things to work well in the home, any questions let me know...