What problems are members having with USAA/Nationstar Mortgage?

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I have many other posts that describe the issues I'm having with Nationstar in detail.
If you are having issues maybe give my posts a quick read and see if we are having the same problems.
If you are please give them a like so that these posts are more visible to other members.
I'm not looking for publicity. You will clearly see that in the context of my posts. I'm am literally trying to solve a major problem here and hopefully protect some other members. That is only going to happen through visibility.
I have had so many issues with Nationstar that I have asked USAA to sell my mortgage to any other company. I don't even care who.
I've had issues right from the start when USAA cost me thousands of dollars during the lending process and never came good on any of it due to a missed closing date.
I have recently informed Nationstar that if they mess up anymore of my payments, apply my payments incorrectly, lose my payments and not know where my money is. Also if I have to deal with incompetent employees or if I get lied to again by anyone. That I'm going to be reporting them to the Federal Trade Commission, my State Consumer Protection Agency, the BBB and any agency that will listen until the issues I'm having have stop. USAA should be ashamed and not let this company touch one cent of it's members money.
Through my roughly 18 months of problems I'm realizing that USAA is unfortunately part of the problem.
If you are having problems with Nationstar and want to write a quick post. If we get enough maybe USAA will finally do something about Nationstar or two it will empower other members who have these issues who might not know that there are options out there that they can protect themselves with.


Good morning, @K84.  Thank you for sharing as we greatly appreciate your membership.  I will forward your post and feedback to the appropriate area. --Shawn G