What is the best way from my Property Manager to deposit rent checks into my account?

I have a new property manager and I need to determine the best/quickest/cheapeast way for him to deposit rent checks into my account every month.  He said that his bank would charge him $35 to wire the funds from his account to my account.  Is the only choice to mail the funds to USAA?  If so, to what address?


Set up a joint acct with your property manager. Then go to your USAA acct and set that joint bank acct up as a transfer acct. You can then transfer money from the joint acct to USAA.
Joint acct should be at a local bank where the property mgr is. If his current bank wont work with you on this, just find another bank.

If your property manager does not provide the ability to make direct deposits or does not know how, then I suggest finding a new property manager.  You are paying them to provide the services and should not need to figure it out for them.