My first decision is choosing between DITY (do it yourself) move or choosing to have the military move us. After experiencing the luxury of having someone else pack all of my stuff, I do not think I can go back to the DITY! What is number one on your list of things to do when preparing for a move?


Making sure I place my important items to the side so they won't get packed away. My personal items, flat irons, banking information, children report cards, and all my important documents. I went from active duty being a soldier then, becoming a military spouse with children and relocating more than eight times before my husband retired from the army! ALSO, you can have the military pack your items and ship them AND you can do a dity move with your personal vehicle....just don't exceed your weight limit!
To add in agreement with the above response... My husband and I have 2 young children, yet we ALWAYS choose to do both a partial DITY & military move. We like to arrive at our new home, set-up a bed & pack-n-play, hook up a TV/BLU-RAY, have a few chairs to sit in, etc. We always pack all of our liquids, China settings, personal/breakable items, personal documents, safes, etc with us. And it's good to always have a tool box, cleaning products, on hand. Unless we are flying internationally to a duty station, we will more than likely ALWAYS do a partial DITY. Otherwise, we will put our valuables in secure storage and/or at homes of family members. I will NEVER let the Army move my fine China, wedding toasting flutes and diamonds. Some things are meant to be kept in your own care. That's just my personal opinion.
We always choose to do a partial DITY, as well. It gives us the luxury of having those "can't live without" items when we first get to our duty station, but not have to deal with loading all the heavy furniture. It has come in very handy for the many times our HHG took over a month to be delivered, too. Good luck!