What good is having insurance if it doesn't cover anything?

I have been a USAA member for over 10 years.  Their low prices, good customer service, and excellent banking features were what originally attracted me to the company.  I have been a homeowner for 7 years now and have made two attempts at filing claims when I had issues inside the home.  The first, was when my A/C went out, which I found out was not covered by the insurance and had to pay out of pocket for the replacement (almost $5,000).  The next was when I found out that although I had Wind/Hail and "Other perils" coverage, it did not cover water damage made by plumbing issues in the home.  I was told that I needed to have a plumber come out and give an estimate on my own dollar, and if there was an issue that I'd pay deductible of 1% the total cost of my home rebuild value (over $2,000).  That is only if the damage was not due to wear and tear, faulty builder's work, or worn out pipe sealant (none of which I can conduct preventive maintenance on due to being inside the walls and behind the drywall).  So my question is what good is the coverage if I cannot use it?  Coverage should be comprehensive and cover all structural items in the house to include plumbing shouldn't it?  Especially if it is a new home (mine was build in 2006).


The one thing that keeps me with USAA is the fact that they offer so many discounts in their coverage.  After comparing around for the same coverage, it was almost $1,000-$1,500 more with other companies.  I guess the money that I saved in the policy discounts I can use for the repair, but it was a disappointment that these items are not covered in the insurance.


Yeah, I got screwed too. I had to pay nearly $5000. to repair my roof for hail damage. Even though my hail damage deductible was only $1570. My claim is currently being looked over by attorneys.

I had USAA for and for whatever reason my X switched to American National. They set us up with a policy that also factors in depreciation over time. So my 7-year old roof has a deductible of 2770 plus they will only cover 67 % of the total cost which puts me at paying out $6370. As soon as the repairs are done I moving back to USAA and making sure that I have Replacement Cost Value. 

Dear @Woops,

Thanks for posting! We look forward to serving you again!


USAA will still pay the same as the other company upfront. Then when you show you have made the repairs, the rest of it is paid.
The things you claimed are not covered under any policy.

The policy is not intended to cover things that will eventually wear out and fail such as an a/c or plumbing.

It covers “sudden and accidental” damage with exclusions. These exclusions are industry standard.

I have handled many company’s policies and by far, USAA’s is the most comprehensive.
What happened with the attorney?


I am sorry to hear about your experience so far with our home owners insurance. We would like to get an insurance specialist to review your policy. If you could please message us here with the best way to contact you and the details you provided above we would greatly appreciate it.

This is the same bull they told me. All they want to do is build up their case against you, not help you in any way. It will only get more confusing and frustrating. Do like the rest of us and turn them in to the BBB.com and DORA.com.

Highly recommend American Home Shield, I have them and they have been wonderful at getting someone out to fix my AC, Pool filter and pump, Washer, dryer and as of right now they are working on my dishwasher.  Yes you pay monthly and a service Fee but its alot less than $5,000.  The homeowners doesn't cover routine breakdown.  Sorry you had that experience, I too have been very disappointed in USAA recently, my husbands debitcard has been comprimised twice and the Fraud department has not been very helpful, may you never need to use them.