What does it take to get assistance from USAA in dealing with misleading and dishonest mortgage processors?  I am getting to the point of pulling every asset I have with USAA because of the incompetence of the mortgage division. 


Can someone from USAA actually help here or is USAA now just a huge .com banking that doesn't care anymore?



We are so sorry you are not getting what you need from your mortgage processer. I can assure you we care about you and your situation. Please contact us so we can get you the assistance you need. Send an email to socialmedia@usaa.com with details of your situation, member number and the best way to contact you. We look forward to hearing from you.


I understand your frustration. This is my second home purchase through USAA. The first time I had no issues with my VA loan, even with an REO purchase. This time it seems that no one can give me a straight answer, or I get misleading information. Even with a good faith estimate the "estimates" for the home owners insurance, title insurance, etc are not realistic. Has anyone ever heard of home insurance for less than $300 for the year? The best part was my quote from USAA was $981.12 more than 300% of an increase there. I'm considering moving my accounts elsewhere as I've lost trust in USAA. I thought they were pretty straight forward 5 years ago, but I cannot in good faith recommend them to anyone at all for any kind of business. Seems like companies nowadays give you great deals to gain your business, but once it has your business they try to sneak horrible deals in hopes that you'd not pay attention and trust they're giving you a fair deal. This is not the case, they take advantage of their customers the first chance they get in hopes they're not paying attention.

We are due to close on Tuesday- nothing like waiting until the Thursday before a long weekend to tell us the underwriters dropped it.