What does getting a pre-qualification letter mean?

As a USAA member and home seller, I would like to know just what your pre-qualification letter means.  Does it mean that the person named in the letter can qualifiy for the loan you describe?  Do you do any checking of income before issuing a letter?  Does the person proffering the letter realize that it means absolutley nothing?


I ihave just been told that the buyer for my house who presented a prequal letter from you, is not qualified for the loan you said he was qualified for.  My house has been off the market for 4 weeks.  Half of my household is in boxes.  I was just about to sign  a rentl lease.  I have arranged for transfer of utilities, changed my e-mail, spent time finding a rental, completed inspections, re-inpections and put out money for repairs to move the process along quickly.  All of this based on your letter.  


Who is responsible for this mistake?  David X. XXXXXX signed the letter.  Perhaps his mistake should be reflected in his job performance. 


It is sad that I must resort to a community blog for this complaint, but have you tried phoning anyone at USAA?  Once you get a number, it is always busy and apparently USAA has not joined the voicemail movement.  


During this summer this is the second customer service fiasco I have encountered.  Getting ready to purchase a new home, I have applied for a loan, not with USAA.  The bank has a form that is automatically populated with information on credit card balances.  Two accounts from USAA were listed with small balances.  None of the accounts were the one account I have.  I called USAA and asked them to check and the response I got was I had to go through the credit report companies and complain which is exactly what you don't want to do during the loan process.  USAA was sending incorrect information about me to the credit report companies, but they would not check it.  Unbelievable.






I think you can find your answer here: Pre-Qualified Vs. Pre-Approved - What's The Difference?



I wish I had known this when I got the letter.  My buyer would have liked to know this also. Thanks.

Hi Irish Crean,

We offer Pre-Qualifications and Conditional Approvals.  A specialist will be contacting you to discuss the matter further. Thank you