Military families face unique challenges when selling their homes. They have no choice not to move when their orders have been written and they have a limited amount of time to sell their home. Do you have any tips for fellow military families who need to sell their home?


If you qualify for the Army Corps of Engineer's Homeowner Assistance Program, it is a huge benefit to be able to sell your house if its value has dropped more than 10% from its original purchase price. Check out
@HelloThere: Thanks for the great information! Anyone else have some resources that can help fellow military families sell their home?
Hello Briana, My DH and I are currently at Ff.Bragg and we decided to rent. And actually we are renting from a Sgt that is in Guam because he had his house on the market for the longest time! He was using a realtor of course to rent to us and sell the house as well but he didn't work out so now he is on the look out or he is gonna have to have us look for him. We need to sell this house for him, it is a nice house but he has to have a plan,(because he doesn't) if we are ordered out like you guys. As I don't have any help for you, I am just letting you know if you don't sell it, you can always have your relator rent it to like ours did (he would only rent to military only) and then have your relator offer to the military person that the rent can be taken out of their check (which can be done cause it was offered to us) All the while have your house still on the market and have in the contract with your renters that if/when the house sells they will have to move. Also have in that contract that the house stays clean,as well as outside and mowing and weeding, for a showing at all times and they have to be prepared to show the house at all times. That is the only way your house will show. No one will buy your house if the renter has you house all dirty or they drive by outside and they yard is trashy. Sorry so long, but just giving you some tips if your house doesn't sell before you have to leave. Good Luck!!
I recommend finding an agent that you can trust. There a lot of things to consider when selecting an agent, such as whether or not the agent is a Realtor and a member in good standing with their local association. Whether or not the Realtor is affiliated with a local association is important because it provides buyers/sellers with a path of recourse prior to having to incur the expenses of legal representation. After hiring a Realtor to sell your home, start thinking of all the ways that you can help yourself. Start by walking through your front door and taking a look around. Is the home neat and tidy? Is the atmosphere inviting or a scene from a disaster relief effort? Would you purchase your home in its current condition? Remove your emotional attachment to your home. Consider the idea that no one is going to care that you care for your three little ones during the day. Prospective buyers WILL care however about the toys scattered all over the floor. How does the house smell? Is the home fragrant, or did someone forget to empty the diaper genie? Consider the home's curb appeal. Forgot to weed and cut the grass this year? Has the children's playroom move to the front yard? Home buyers are picky and will always critique your personal style. Consider a neutral decor during the listing period. Put yourself in the place of the buyer. What would you be looking for in a home?
HI Briana, I am a Military wife and Realtor. I can tell you that a coat of paint (i like Desert nomad), clean/new carpets and a empty house are a winning combination to sell a house when people only have 30 days to PCS and find a house, updating lighting is a big plus too. In most Military towns you are competing with new construction which is hard if you have not owned you home long and have limited Equity. I always tell my sellers to look at it this way "any money you put into selling your house, you are saving on paying the bank in interest because if it sits on the market you are going to be paying mortgage payments." Good luck I know it is tough but hang in..make sure your realtor concentrates on Web based advertising, I have sold more houses site unseen over the web to Military family's then i can say.
De-clutter! Invest in paint! You may love love love! that Auburn orange but for some reason, it could so turn off a newbie buyer! Cosmetics are SO over-rated but so is the imagination of buyers! Many first time home buyers (and even not first-timers) want to envision themselves in your home so take down the family photos, the knicknacks and check out deals on storage buildings to put all your priceless stuff in! The more neutral and "blank canvas" you can make your home, without making it frigid, will pay dividends in the sale. Garage sales can help get rid of stuff you haven't touched in years and then, you get a little extra cash, less to move and hey, you know what "they" say, One man's junque is another man's treasure, so what doesn't sell, DONATE to those less fortunate and take the tax deductions! Happy House Selling! Oh, and bake some cookies or fire up a "Scentsy" in Buttercream before the house is being it a wonderful scent and prospective buyers start thinking about their own recipes and leave hungry, FOR YOUR HOUSE! :D