Waste of time is all I can say about trying to buy a home with USAA mortgage services. We had to call them at least twice a day, every day to get them moving on our loan. We have already sold our home and were worried about not having a place to live in which is why we were so insistent on knowing the status of our loan. We were told everything was looking good the whole time we dealt with them. Then, one day we were told we were one percent over the debt ratio and were being denied the loan. I understand that part. That isn't the problem. Since that day we have been ignored. We asked what we do qualify for, so we could possibly look for another house. We also asked what we could do to possibly pay down some debt to get us under the debt ratio. She told us she would email us and let us know. Hasn't happened. We have called back, but no answer.


Sorry didn't finish. Ever since they told us no, we haven't been able to contact them. Went to a local company to see what we could do. They managed to get done in two days what it took USAA three weeks to pull off. The processor texted me all weekend letting me know what was happening and even opened up on Presidents' Day to have us come in and sign the paperwork. He told us what we needed to do to qualify and helped us each step of the way. This is what I expected from USAA, but didn't even come close to getting. Needless to say, we are going to get our home, and will now proceed to start taking my business away from USAA. If they feel they can ignore me with the mortgage process, then they don't need my insurance business either.

Dear tmyfml,

I would like to start by apologizing for your experience. I cannot imagine the frustration of un-returned phone calls and inquiries.

We would appreciate the opportunity to talk with you about how we failed you and how we can improve. Please email us (and include your member number and the best way to contact you) at socialmedia@usaa.com, and we will have someone in touch who can make sure we start to make the changes needed to improve our mortgage services. Thank you for posting and sharing your experience.

I hope I won't have the same experience this year when buying a house!

Trust me, don't use USAA.  I didn't believe all the posts about how bad it was and went with them anyway.  Big mistake, the reviews are there for a reason. 


We want to make sure you do not have a poor experience! If you will keep us updated here in this forum on how things are going, I would greatly appreciate it. If you have any issues at all, I can make sure that they get escalated appropriately! Thank you!