For as long as I can remember (from 1964) USAA has highly touted customer service: we are here for you. etc..  That has degraded significantly in the past few years.  I am not a "reviewer".  But today I was pushed me do this.  USAA  has highly promoted a service whereby home owners can use "preferred" contractors to for help/repair involving insurance claims.  Recently, I have had several items damaged by lightning.  One is my security system.  I need a diagnosis first, then options and estimates.  Not finding anything on USAA's website preferred contractors list, I called USAA.  The automated answering system doesn't understand anything, so I ended up getting to Insurance Claims.  That person apparently knew about the preferred contractor list and promptly connected me to ADT sales [outside USAA].  That was a complete dead end.  I don't have ADT and, today, not interested in having it installed.  I just want to know what is wrong with my system and what I need to do about it.  USAA did me a shuck off / cop out.  A statement that he could not help  would have saved me a lot of time and preserved my confidence in USAA's customer commitment.


While I am venting:

 1.   After being in use some years, the automated answering system doesn't work good enough to keep.  I never can get thru wothout pressing "0" for an agent. 

2.  The website, too!  I have a lot invested thru USAA.  The info and account status is inconsistent from page to page,  some postings after market closing is in the wee hour after midnight then zeroed out soon after. And there are other issues.  Your old system was far better.  Other firms I use have a much, much better experience and they do not change all the time.


Old Army,

Thanks for reaching out in Community. I regret to hear of the service experience you encountered today. I will be sure to forward your feedback to our team for review and to help us improve. As for the service you need help with, once you are on the Home Improvement Network Page you can find out what services are offered by selecting "Available Services". If the service you need is not listed, unfortunately we would not have someone available to refer you to. Thank you again for your post and your membership.