I am just curious what other member’s experiences are with USAA? I am not in the military, but my Dad is an Army Vet from the 60’s. When I was growing up, he always told me that having USAA insurance was a privilege based on his military service to our country. He said that the average person without military experience or a family member in the military could not get USAA insurance. I’ve had USA for 31 years now and throughout that time have always been so proud of making that payment every month. In fact, My Dad, my Mom (deceased), Sister, Brother-in-law & Mother-in-law have all had USAA insurance for most of their lives. In all that time there have probably been less than 5 claims total by everyone. Recently, my Dad filed a roof claim on an obviously hail damaged roof. USAA sent out 2 guys from some company called AllCat who were both extremely dismissive & unsympathetic to his situation. (what happened to the nice men and women wearing USAA polos doing claim inspections...?!?). Anyway, fast forward six weeks & USAA has denied the claim on 3 separate occasions. Never in a million years, did we expect USAA to deny the claim. At 82 years old, my Pops still works 40+ hours a week. He’s the most generous and hard-working American veteran you could ever meet. He doesn’t have the financial means he once did and was really relying on USAA to come through for him. He’s never missed a payment or even been late on a payment in 60+ years of being a member of USAA. How can a person be loyal to USAA for a lifetime and then when you need USAA most, they are not there to help...?!? It was beyond heartbreaking when he called to tell me the claim was denied. He is now going through his house and picking out family heirlooms to sell in order to pay for the room. What is the point of having homeowners insurance if it’s not there to help you when you need it...?!?

What are other people’s experiences with USAA? Are they similar to this? As lifelong members of USAA, do we not have any type of recourse?


I feel your frustration with USAA.  I have been a member with USAA for 31 yrs.  Yes I too remember the days when USAA was a top notch Platium+ Insurance Company when it came to its Service Members but, those days are long gone.  USAA is now run by people who talk out the side of their neck.  When you make a claim they send a third party adjuster and he/she is only concerned about how much of a commisson check he/she will receive by saving USAA money.  USAA is one of the worst Insurance for those who serve or served.  If you want your money's worth I suggest you check out other Insurance Companys like I'm now doing.  I filed a claim for storm damage over a year ago and they still have not fixed my home nor my garage.  My Truck was damaged due to hail and I was authorized a rental.  It took the body shop three weeks longer to finish my truck than USAA authorized and I had to pay out of pocket for the extra days.  I have a Platinum Policy meaning Full Coverage on everthing even my 2006 F150 with [removed sensitive data] miles.  USAA won't even return my calls.  I'm going with another Company.  Don't waste another penney on USAA!!

@SS454, thank you for your 30 plus years of loyalty.  I was able to locate your claim file to review and see that you have been in communication with a claims manager regarding your concerns.  To avoid duplication of efforts, I am going to forward a snapshot of your feedback today to the manager assigned to review your file.  - Ina

USAA is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with in my professional career. We had everything with them as well.

USAA at its origin has zero to do with the military. It stands for the United Services Automobile Association. They have just carved out a niche and nothing more.

This company has dissolved itself down into the depths of stupidity and negligence.

Call Erie Insurance for all Insurance needs, and never EVER use them for any loan or mortgage product.

I had to explain to the rep when I took out my equity line 15 or so years ago how to approve the application.

They even hired idiots back then.

100% of their customer service reps are worthless and the managers are even worse.

One of these days, I’ll reach the Morons running this debacle and explain to them why their company is so horrific.

And by the way, I have exceptional credit, plenty of income, etc.

Never ever EVER use this worthless company.

Plenty of other cheaper, more beneficial and much smarter companies out their to fit anyone’s financials needs other than these complete morons at USAA.