We think we are prepared. We are not. God bless usaa

Just wanted to share a quick story. Home owners insurance with usaa. We all think we are prepared for the worse, we trim our trees, we update our houses, we keep fire extinguisher's handy. We have security cameras, locks and more to protect our families. Then diaster hits. You never expect it. God bless the people at usaa . Without them I would be homeless. And as a person over 50 live is hard enough in the world we life in today with viruses, riots and disorder for law offices that protect us it's hard too imagine how to start over fresh without usaa. God bless each and every one that work here. And Mark. Well there is a place in heaven for you and your family. George . Hurricane surviver.


@WISH I Would Read1st- Hi, I'm glad to hear you are a Hurricane survivor, that is a blessing indeed. It's also good to hear that we are helping you through this difficult time. We are here for you if you need us. Stay safe, ~Shawna