I keep getting advertisements branded by my local utility companies for sewer or water line insurance. Is this necessary with a USAA homeowners policy? Do I need a special rider on my insurance to cover this sort of thing? Any advice would be appreciated!


Hi I am wondering the same thing? Did you learn anything? I am looking into it as well. 

@Bucketsss, thanks for your post and I welcome the opportunity to help with your coverage questions. Please private message me with your phone number on file so I can locate your profile. -Paula

jpurrs, did you ever get an answer from USAA? I've been getting these letters as well, and I'm really curious if USAA or any insurance company covers this, other than the one sending the letters.

Hello @rwoodvet, so that we may access your account and provide more info, please send us a private message. I'm happy to review your policy details. Thank you for your time. -Lori

Yes, add this endorsement. It covers off site back ups as well as some coverage due to sump pump failure
The line itself or the pump aren’t generally covers