Was Considering Refinance of VA Home Loan - Not Sure Now


Was considering a refinance with USAA with a current VA loan. Im a new USAA member and have been surfing through the numerous postings of nightmares and disgruntled members with horror stories of VA loans through USAA, ie: water tests, lousy customer service or no customer service, lost documents by USAA, etc, etc. Looks like I will take my current VA loan elsewhere and do business with a local bank. Thought that USAA would be a good move based on USAA wanting to help veterans; looks like just another bank fishing for catches. I will take my chances elsewhere and do business with those that will meet with me face to face. Should have done this anyway.


Have had two VA loans through USAA with not an issue.  I think most of the complaints are issues controlled by the individual rather than USAA.  You will always have a few complainers who tend to post more than those who are satisfied.   If USAA was as bad as those who post here say, then they wouldn't have been listed number one by JD Powers in Customer Satisfaction or the highest rated insurance company.  



Thanks for your prompt reply. Im still on the fence. Im not a fan of jumping through hoops and hurdles snd paying for excessive inspections and fees if it makes not economic sense to do so. I'm well versed in the VA loan process and will see what direction this whole VA Streamlined process takes (hence; streamlined). I also understand that USAA has received JD Powers awards in the past for outstanding customer service with insurance and other products, however, I do not think it was for home mrtgage services. And to some degree, a certain level of notice has to be given to the amount of veterans that fail to meet the USAA underwriters terms versus other lenders who have no problem lending to that same veteran. I understand that there will always be the "high risk" borrower that will always have difficulty securiung a loan, but it doesn't look like this is always the case with recent posts some members have posted.

Dear nightraider,
Thank you for posting and sharing your concerns. We would be honored to be the provider of choice for your refinance, but understand we have to earn that right! We would like to get a mortgage specialist in contact with you to see how we can serve you and meet your expectations. A member service representative will be in touch shortly. Thank you