Waiting...... waiting..... waiting.... on the Movers Advantage Program


My wife and I are TRYING to buy a home for the first time and decided to use the USAA Movers Advantage Program to assign us a realtor. We had thought that after sending our assigned local realtor the mortgage pre-approval and a listing of MLS's that we would be looking at homes this weekend. I had to call her becasue we had heard nothing. When I called she told me that she told her regional coordinator that she wouldnt be able to help us as she was too far away. I can understand that completely. She left it in the hands of someone else. I get that .... TOTALLY not her fault..... But she let that person know... almost two weeks ago. I have heard nothing and now some of the houses we were interensted in are pending sale and no longer on the market. I am NOT happy.   I just placed a call and hey were going to try to get ahold of someone to assist me but this weekend is shot for sure.... Not sure if i am going to proceed using this program....... I guess I will have to see what happens next!.... I will post anything new that pops up on this so everyone can stay informed. 


Dear NC Hammer,

I am so sorry for the lack of communication. I have escalated your comments and will have someone reach out to make sure you get what you need. Thank you!