I recently cancelled my usaa auto insurance cause i received a better quote with someone else. I made a arrangement to finish paying them, they worked with me and told me i needed to pay a certain amount by a certain date. I scheduled the payment through the usaa app and since it didnt get processed in time being that it was coming out of a bank account even though i paid before the deadline they cancelled my renters insurance which i was trying to prevent cause i was wanting to keep renters with them which is why i made the arrangement. Well then i still didnt see it come out of my account so i called in on 2/27/19 and talked to a rep who told me if i made the payment now my arrangement would still be good, so i made the payment. Well i call in today cause on my app its not reflecting the payment arrangements 3/6/19 and the rep has had me on hold numerous of times which i was okay with but now its been an hour long call and ive been on hold for about 20 minutes im fuirous


@nb Sandoval, I'm sorry to hear your disappointment. We take your concerns seriously and I'm engaging a specialist to help. -Paula