I know that owning a home takes time but I feel like through out the entire process I have been waiting on USAA and so has my realestate agent. The plan was to close on my house this Friday. Today I got a text from my Real -Estate agent asking if i can find some time for closing next week! were waiting on the seller or on USAA and of course the answer to everything has been waiting to hear back from USAA. This has been so frustrating. I am a First Time home owner and USAA offered me no guidence, no Actual estimate of what I will pay at closing as the GFE was way off and the Uniformed loan application also did not have everyhting factored correctly. I still have no idea what I will actually be paying at closing. USAA is convinient and I think they know it, it seems like everything is done on thier time. Its getting cold and I would like to move in before the snow starts!!!



I am sorry to hear about your experience. I will pass your feedback through to the appropriate department. In the meantime, can you please email us your member number and concerns to socialmedia@usaa.com.