Very negative experience with Mortgage pre-qualification

I recently began talks with USAA about pre-qualifying for a home loan. I knew there were a couple of negative items on my credit report, and they promptly turned me over to another group where I did get some good advice. I was able to clear some negative collections and have them removed from my credit report. I then tried to email, and call SEVERAL times to speak with the original mortgage rep and she never even replied. I then had a notice from USAA that there was a doc on the website, and it was a credit refusal! All along, I believed I was only in pre-qual talks with a rep, and at no time was I told I was applying for a loan. The total lack of human response shows a very poor attitude towards our situation. My credit will only improve, and my wife and I have a debt to income ration just over 20%. If this is how we are going to be treated, we will definitely think long and hard before using any of USAA's services in the future. As car insurance goes, you cannot beat USAA. Banking, still great in my book. Customer service is usually stellar, although I see increasingly the reps try and sell, sell sell instead of just taking care of our needs. I really thought that USAA would treat us better than our existing mortgage company, but sadly that has not been the case. 



We are so sorry about this experience! This is not the level of service you deserve and we'd like to make things right. If you are still needing help, please send us a message here. We hope to hear from you soon so that we can work towards a resolution. Thank you for your membership and for taking time to share your experience.

Interesting that as soon as I posted this, the mortgage advisor contacted us. Oh well, we are always up for giving people a second chance. We're not overly optimistic but we shall see....


Thank you for giving us a second chance. Please let us know if you are getting the service you need!


Thank you