Verbally told closing costs would be 7K - GFE is waaayyyyy off

I was told that my "cash at the table" amount would be $7000. I just received an electronic copy of my good Faith Estimate and it's listing the settlement costs at over $21k?????????? How in the world can there be such a huge discrepancy? I have been with USAA forever and this is my second VA loan. Of course it's the weekend so I can't speak with anyone. Purchasing a home and moving is stressful enough, but now they are telling me I need to come up with 3 times the amount of funds that I was initially told???? I am about to pull the plug on this whole process and go back to the mortgage company I used last time. At least they never tried to pull a bait and switch.




A mortgage specialist should be reaching out to your shortly to talk about your situation and how there could have been such a large discrepancy in the cost expectations. Thank you for posting in the community and please let us know how your closing goes!

Thank you Briana but I haven't heard from anyone. I even called a few days ago and left a message requesting a call back from my assigned rep and haven't heard a thing


I am escalating your case again; thank you for being so patient!


I wanted to check in and see how everything is going. Have you spoken with someone to assist you with the closing cost concerns you had? Thank you!

Hope you get some assistance. Day one for me for looking to get another home for my wife and I.  Seems I have alot more home work to do than I thought.  I would like to keep checking on what is going on.  I am very niew to home bying now.


Again best of luck


Thanks for commenting! Congratulations on your decision to buy a new home! It is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience.


Here are some helpful articles to help get you started!


Keep us posted on your progress and don't hesitate to ask any questions!



I know I am responding to this post awhile after the original date, but was there any resolution or explanation for this increase? We were also told, just days ago, our cash cost was going to be 4 times less than what we just received as a GFE. I do not understand how one person claims one number and then they shoot you out a GFE packet and it is 4 times as much as it was over the phone 48 hours previously. If you are going to be that off each time, stop allowing representatives to 'estimate' cash closing costs. It is nearly a $10,000 difference, all the money we had saved for furniture. 

Dear P&DsMom,

Yikes! Four times the original estimate is a pretty big increase. I would like to get you in contact with specialist who can look into why there is such a difference and if anything can be done. Can you please email us at with your member number and the best way to contact you? Thank you!