How long does it usually take to get Your COE after you apply for it




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1. There are several ways to get your VA loan COE. The time it takes depends upon which method you use.


2. All information about obtaining a VA Certificate of Eligibility (COE) can be found here.


3. If you are a Veteran and have signed up on the eBenefits Portal found here then you may be able to access your own current COE online, or apply for a new one.


4. That said, the easiest way is to ask your VA-approved lender to access the Department of Veterans Affairs website, called Web LGY.

Web LGY is the VA's web-based loan guaranty system, and it's not accessible to the public. It's for authorized VA lenders only. Via Web LGY, mortgage lenders can establish VA loan eligibility quickly, then issue a COE online.

This is a process which takes minutes -- not hours or days.

For instances when the VA lacks sufficient data to process a COE online, requests may be made via the U.S. Postal Service. The VA discourages such "manual"  requests, though. Active-duty servicepersons and military veterans are encouraged to ask lenders to process COEs electronically via Web LGY.


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If that's the case, how come when I applied for my mortgage with USAA they asked me if I had the COE?  Can't they just go to that website and get it?



USAA Mortgage Specialists may have assumed that you had a hard copy of your VA Certificate of Eligibility (COE) in your possession (as some Veterans do). For all they knew you applied for your COE via the the eBenefits Portal and had access to a hard copy.


That said, when applying for your VA Loan you should suggest to the USAA Mortgage Specialists that they process COEs electronically via Web LGY in order to get the most current copy.


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What do you do when the loan for a previous VA home loan was paid off and the VA still has it on the COE? The home was paid off over 10 years ago with the sale of the property. Then both USAA and the VA state its the others responsibility to have notified the other the loan was paid off. Also we do not have the sale receipt of the home as it was 10 years ago. Now in the process to use the VA loan for another home and cannot get the COE because it has the old loan still withstanding, but it has been paid off and does not show up on debt on credit check.

Please advise.

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Hi Ros,

I talked with an expert here at USAA and here is what he had to say:


The entitlement is tied to the property not the loan. Typically, the VA will restore entitlement with a phone call from the member stating they no longer own the property. If not, a HUD-1 Settlement Statement may be necessary to demonstrate the sale of the property. The title company they used for the sale of the property will have a copy of this document. If they don’t remember which title company they used, perhaps the VA will accept a screen shot from the county tax assessor’s website reflecting new owners.


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