Spoke with a USAA loan officer and got my COE no problem.  Went on to do the prequalification process only to be denied for a loan even as low as 80,000 and refused to explain why it was being denied.  I make good money, I dont have too much debt or behind.  my credit score is above 620.  the only thing I could come up with is that i didnt have enough assets or that i havent been at my palce o employment long enough i have been scouring the internet for answers but havent come to anythin conclusive. I dont know what to do should I look elsewhere for a lender?


WarHammer89 - We appreciate your post in our community. I'm sorry to hear the prequalification process was denied. We review many factors when an application is received. Each applicant is reviewed based on ability to repay debit and overall extended credit and pay history. One of our recommendations is to review your credit report for accuracy. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. – Tricia

Count your blessings, they did you a favor. Big banking hit the Reset button after 2008 and the new coming crash will eclipse the last. Rent or buy an rv. Be patient, there will be many great deals on the other side. Save your money to pay cash.
Find another place to get a VA loan. USAA for me was an absolute nightmare. I will never use USAA again for a mortgage!!! They did you a favor by denying you!

I was shocked to read all the negative comments on VA loans that were attempted to be obtained through USAA.  Can anyone recommend a company that they had a good experience with?  I will be trying to obtain a VA loan in the near future and I welcome any suggestions.  I was going to try USAA but am leery of the situation after reading so many negative posts. Thank you.