I wanted to warn folks in advance when applying for a VA Mortgage with USAA.  According to the VA Lender's Guidelines a Water Test must be done.   They didn't tell me that at the beginning of course.   Later in the process they notified me that a Water test must be accomplished.  I said o.k.. I did a little review of the VA Lender's guidelines and it stated that the local authority does the analysis.  It says NOTHING about them TAKING the water sample themselves then doing the test.  USAA states that IT cannot be taken by the Honorable Veteran (USAA doesn't trust you).  But, USAA requires it or the Investor requires it (holder of the Mortgage).  So, in the end USAA or their association with outside investors, has more stringent and restrictive requirements than the VA themselves, WOW.  I believe making it even harder for us Veterans.  Adding additional hurdles in an already P.I.T.A. process such as a Mortgage.  It will cost you for them to come out, for the test, and a day off from work.   In the end I will suck it up and press on and pay both personally and monetarily........ I am not going through this whole process with some other financial institute because I don't have the time, patience, and money to waste.


Of course, I was not happy about USAA not trusting their long time veteran customers and questioning their integrity.  It doesn't matter much and won't change anything anymore.  USAA is more concerned about the bottom line more than customer satisfaction now-a-days.  They are no longer any different than any other company out there, it's just at this time the pro's are a little heavier than the con's. 


Just wanted to let anyone know if you are thinking about a VA loan with USAA, as soon as you apply, do the Pest inspection and Water Test right away.  Of course, hire the proper authorities to do it as well.  It does not matter what VA requires.  I know several veterans who decided to go outside USAA for VA loans and they all took their own water samples for analysis according to VA guidelines.  I say this because USAA requires both by someone else, usually a local drunk who has never received a background investigation nor ever held a security clearance.......lol........ USAA trusts them more than YOU.  According to the VA Lenders Guidelines some states do not require some tests, where others do, etc but, it doesn't matter to USAA.   HAVE BOTH TESTS done by the area authorities in pest inspection and water testing.


USAA states it is to protect their members.  Well, hate to break it to you, I AM ALREADY one of those members, have been for 15 years.  As long as USAA members pay their bills do I care?  Why don't you just follow the VA Lender's guidelines as it states.  By locations and government requirements, which is already very stringent and restrictive.  Why restrict us members even more than we already are?  If you don't want to provide a service than you shouldn't.  Don't restrict or make it harder for members because you hate providing the service.


When I first signed up with USAA they had a satisfaction score of 98%...today 7 yrs later they are down 6% making them 92% which is close to a 1% drop every year. You would think they would care more than losing a % a year but I have learned that they don't. I will probably drop my account back to a $1 and move everything back over to my local bank who was already doing a better job than USAA but I thought that they would have improved, but they simply keep heading down hill. Not a banking institution that hard working, put your life on the line veterans can count on anymore. They have become like the rest but becoming worse than the rest over time in a very steady pace.


I am so sorry to hear about your negative experience. Although I cannot change what has already happened, I would like to get you in touch with someone who can review your situation. I am not an expert in mortgage processes and cannot speak to the background of the water test decisions but if you could please email us here at socialmedia@usaa.com and include your member number, and the details you provided above, we will get you in contact with someone who can make sure your feedback on this issue is heard by the right individuals. Thank you.

Unfortunately like many others in this "members community" we did not read the reviews on how bad USAA's mortgage department is and for that we have had the worst experience.  Our loan processor cannot be reached nor can her supervisor.  They will not return calls or emails.  When they call you, regardless of what your doing working, driving, etc, they expect you to answer and that's the only shot you get.  Our loan processor called us on a Friday to let us know we were missing a few documents (they had been submitted but apparently misplaced).  Then on Monday she left a voice mail stating she has rescinded the loan because of missing documents.  I have tried to reach her, her supervisor or anyone that will listen to find out what to do do next.  In her voice mail she stated we needed to reapply but I have no idea who to contact because i keep getting transferred to her.  We have submitted all the documentation required by the checklist and some more than once.  When we did speak to her she was rude, threatening, condescending, and looking back I think she just didn't want to process our loan.  This isn't our first loan, we're just trying buy a bigger house.  Our pre-approval was in July 2014 just to give you an idea of how long this ordeal has been going on.


I am so very sorry to hear about your negative experience. I apologize for the lack of communication and organization on behalf of your mortgage processor. We want to make things right and ensure you get the service you need. Please email us at socialmedia@usaa.com with your member number and the details you provided above and a specialist will be in touch shortly. Thank you.

I sent the email and again no response.  USAA charged me an application fee then charged me the fee for the appraisal and  then rescinded our loan application.  The voice mail we received told us to reapply but we have no idea who to contact or how we go about doing that.  No one answers their phone nor returns emails and voice mails

THANK YOU - for sharing your experiences.  Our family is now in a "holding pattern" on our decision-making re:USAA.  
We will most likely go local so that we know where to turn and to whom - (real person) throughout the process.


It seemed pretty good....maybe too good..... after that prequal step.

Hi there AFAMMO - 
Can you tell where to find the notation for the water and other required tests you mention?

Seems like a good opportunity to get out in front of some potential bovine excrement.

wow, i guess i suspected bad service but now i read

all the bad service and negative accounts from usaa

customers.  Usaa has gone down and just another

lousy bank out to stick it to you. Ill go elsewhere for my 



Dear Kingbif,

I am so sorry to hear you feel that way. We would like the chance to talk to you and let you hear how we can serve your mortgage needs. Please consider sending us a message here so that we can reach out. Thank you.