I have two VA loan questions:  First, I'm about 2 years away from procuring a retirement after I retire from the AF.   My wife and I want to build starting about a year from now so it'll be done when I retire.  I know that some banks will back VA loans for construction purposes - does anyone know if USAA does this?  Second question:  right now I have a home in Ohio that I rent that was purchased with a VA loan, which is my second VA loan home purchase. I restored my eligibility certificate after I sold my first house.  I know that the VA allows a one-time exemption to the "must sell" rule to procure a second VA loan, allowing me to just refinance the Ohio house into a conventional mortgage.  Does anyone know if I can still get that exemption for a second-use VA loan so I can refinance the Ohio house and restore my eligibility a 3rd time for the retirement house?


@Kax, I wanted to thank you for trusting us with your very detailed questions. We would like the opportunity to discuss with you. Please contact us by phone. We would be glad to help you get this in order for your next phase of life. #retirement ~ Suzy    1-210-531-8722