My husband (veteran) and I are currently in the process of buying a home out of state. The original plan (and he way his job works) is that once I have my baby (September 26), I will be moving into the property. Once I move, his job will grant him a hardship transfer and within a month he will also move and be occupying the residence. We were not aware that this was going to be an issue/requirement until now, even though we explained the process/situation to our original mortgage rep. We were told by USAA that he needs a relocation letter from his job in order for the final clear to close/approval. He has already started the transfer process even though it is not in the order it is supposed to be processed. His employer has up to 30 days (it's been almost 2 weeks since his submission date with his employer) to respond, however, USAA is dead lining us for this letter requirement by Thursday. Is there anything we can do to rectify this situation. We will be losing a lot of money, and basically our dream house if this one letter requirement is not fulfilled. Thank you.


What can you do? Find a better lender than USAA.



Thank you for posting in the Community. We have forwarded your comments to a Mortgage Specialist for review and response. We look forward to coming up with a resolution to help you get into your home.