My husband and I were told today that his VA Loan was denied due to an occupancy discrepancy. We looked up VA Pamphlet 26-7 Chapter 3 and found out we were given false information. Meanwhile we were supposed to close on our home in a matter of days. Hopefully this issue will be resolved so that my children and I will have a place to live. Terrible experience for a military family that has been loyal customer for over 11 years and recommended USAA numerous times to other service members.So sad!


Military loved one,


We appreciate you reaching out in the Community. This is certainly not what we want our members to experience so closing to their closing date. Your comments have been shared with a colleague in the mortgage department for review and response. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. -Gus

Your first mistake was using USAA for a VA loan. My experience was an absolute nightmare. I will never use USAA again for a mortgage. And will never recommend them as well!

I believe I shall forever recommend Veteran's United over USAA from now on.  Especially after readin all the reviews regardin all of their products.  The common thread, USAA cares about the $$$$ not the individual.


No return calls.

No return emails.

Dropped balls.




Check out - Veteran's United.


My first mortgage was with USAA. It was a difficult process. Second one, when a different route; mainly, because in Texas, home office of USAA, they area not a lender with the Texas Veterans Land Board, who provides lower rates for VA service connected veterans. USAA does not seem to be Veteran friendly, once you get past all the advertising.



I appreciate you sharing your feedback in the Community. I can assure you that USAA is concerned with the needs of our members and all veterans. We are always looking to expand our product base in terms of meeting the needs of those members. Keep in mind, we offer mortgage lending in all 50 states. Each state offers their own form of state programs such as Texas Veteran Land Board loans. While we are sensitive to the needs of our members, it would be a challenge to offer all states' programs to our members. I have been sure to notate your comments for review of future product and service enhancements. Thank you for being a valued USAA member. -Gus