I'm retiring next year and I plan on moving back to my home town can I use my VA loan to buy another house if I bought my first house with my VA loan if it doesn't sell before I retire.


Since the VA backs these loans you are only allowed to have one at a time. When I last moved, I refinanced my old home with a typical loan before I left(to keep interest rates low), and purchased the new home with a VA loan. This is not USAA's or any other bank fault that only one can be withstanding at a time. Enjoy your retirement.


Thanks for posting your inquiry in Community.  In order for us to provide the accurate guidance for a VA loan,  please contact us at 1-210-531-USAA (8722) to discuss your specific information.  

Wait until you sell your current home, then once everything is cleared use your certificate for another VA loan. DO NOT get a mortgage thru USAA a nightmare.