Usaa tried to screw me - Homeowners Insurance

I didn't go through USAA for my loan, heard too many bad stories. I did want to go through USAA for my homeowners insurance though...I figured I'd get a good rate since i have my auto, property, renters, and a auto loan through them... First, I did my quote online... It came too $600 a year... No too bad for Hawaii i thought. I saved the quote.... Now fastforward a week. Today, I call USAA to give them the name of my lender to get this buying process on the road, and they had changed the quote to over $1000 yearly. I argued calmly with the rep not understanding my the quote had nearly doubled. After a 2-3 minute hold, she explain to me that USAA reassested Hawaii living and rates are higher for any policies after July 30th. We don't close on the house until Aug 22, so I was screwed. I still was upset that they nearly doubled and told them I was most likely going to shop around because something DID NOT seem right and I felt I was being screwed. Hung up, and started shopping... I got 4 new quotes... Farmers, Geico, First Merchants, and Allstate.... The highest out of the 4 was Allstate at $500 yearly.... Hmmmm ...  Seems to me that USAA is changing and is forgetting their values. They tried to screw me, but they go caught! I will soon be switching my car insurance too because, they are also higher than their leading competitors. So be aware, and shop around. USAA is no longer great. 


Make sure you're comparing apples to apples. I went through this exercise myself once. I'd consider USAA a "Cadillac" plan; replacement value, not depreciated value, unlimited housing up to a year, etc. But I'm sure not going to argue that they're still the same company they once were! I hung up on a banking rep last week that argued
that I couldn't do what I was trying to it took me about ten minutes on the phone with a different rep and it was done! Seems to me they have all us long-time members paying for the TV ads to recruit new members!
By the way, I want in on that $1000 policy; they're getting me for $1200 a year in Arkansas!. On a $100,000 house! I just paid off the mortgage, I think I better go shopping too unless I hear from a rep in the next few minutes...

Definitely shop around, I shopped around and saved $262 a year on my auto insurance (two vehicles) and $536.28 a year on my home insurance. I live in AZ so the companies in your state may have different quotes, but shopping around is a no-brainer to me now.

What do you expect to pay on homer owners insurance.  $1200 a year is a good deal but it depends on what items are included.  Maybe you should keep this insurance.  I was quote for a $120,000 mortgage $2400 annually.

The are getting me for $1500 a year. I bought my house in 2012 and they have gone up a $100 every year.

The insurance I ended up going with is costing me $534 a year on a $600,000 mortgage. At that price, I also have hurricane insurance and much better coverage than USAA offered by far. I compared all the coverages in detail. I also talked to a few other people about their experiences, they had switched from USAA to other local companies because USAA prices are going up across the board, but their coverage is mediocre at best.

Sadly, I agree with you.  USAA used to be above reproach; however, I have had unsatisfactory results with them on web issues, brokerage issues and just general run-around.  The kind of (non) customer service you basically get everywhere else... but never expected from USAA.  Sad.  I agree that they are changing. 

I agree. They screwed me too.



I'm sorry you feel this way and want to have your concerns addressed. I'm engaging a subject matter expert to review your information and reach out to you. Thank you. -Paula