So this is my second time buying a home with Usaa and wow. First time was smooth and this time I'm going with a different lender.

After a month and a half of being told its going to be all set here we are. The day before the supposed closing I'm told that I can't close and would need to restart the entire prosses.  I have been honest and up front from day one! I have called and emailed through out  this process! My Calls have not been returned, My emails have not been returned! If it wasn't for me repidadly calling today I wouldnt have know that closing is not happening tomorrow!  Granted my loan is a bit different than a standard loan I was told it would be no problem from day one.  My Credit is perfect, My income is in the High 80's and this is 2014 and Usaa is not the only game in town !  So Freaking MAD rightnow !!!  Time wasted! Money wasted! documents sent and resent when Usaa looses them ! Same quastions over and over?  So Now What ? If these people worked for me I would fire them!


Oh my gosh feel your pain and frustration. Mine is not a mortgage issue but a dumb banking issue. They have told me I cannot deposit to my checking account until after they review my account after 6 months. Who ever heard you couldn't deposit to your own account. I am in the proccess of moving all my money back to Navy Federal Credit Union. I have always had excellent service with them however opened an account with USAA at a recommendation of a friend. It has not been a good move. I am a strong believer in great customer service and have gotten no where with this issue so have asked for the presidents contact information. I was first told by the customer service rep they did not have it. Strang no one knows how to contact this person. All I wanted was to explain my situation and ask this person to look at this community board to see how much frustration folks are experiencing. Again customer service is what it's all about and sad to say many are experiencing bad service here. You might want to try Navy Federal for your home loan. I wish you well and feel your pain as I am sure many others do. Hope things work out for you..All Best

Usaa was great in the past. I have had good luck with them. I just don't understand what is going on with them.  I even had to swich to a difrent car insurance company. A regular car insurance company beat Usaa by 500.00 bucks for the same exact multi car policy. I have a strong military background and this company is supposed to serve us. Well let me tell you being in the military failure and incompatance is something I do not tolarate at all!  I will look at Navy Credit Union . Thank you for the refrance.




We would like to get a specialist in contact with you as soon as possible to take another look to see what we can do about getting your closure done. Please email us at your earliest convenience at Please include your member number and the best way to contact you. Thank you.

finaly got a hold of someone that knew what they are talking about.....some light at the end of the tunnel. Will continue to play the game for now.  Wish todays conversation happened a month ago. 

Glad you were able to reach someone! We would still like you to email us at [expired email], so we can make sure the right people are helping! Thank you for keeping us updated!

What car insurance company did you move to?

Feel and share your experience. I am having same problems regarding USAA customer service as you do....I wish, I read fellow members' posts before I started my venture with USAA mortgage. I have accounts with Pentagon Federal, Navy Federal.....I should have chose them....mistake I made, I am paying for...