Hi All,
Just an update on the outcome of USAA Policy and Procedures, USAA isn't renewing my Rental Property Insurance coverage as of 22Apr21. I kind of thought this would be the outcome for me, because like I said I am only one veteran member and the dept. kind of implied I was taking advantage of the Insurance I am paying for (this is what I was basically what I was told when I initially called USAA - "Well, you know, we have other policy holders in the state of GA and if we keep paying your claims -- everyone's policy will go up because of you submitting claims and we (USAA) have to look out for the other members who hold policies in the state of GA, and here I'm thinking - I'm a policy holder in the state of GA and I pay other member's policy holder claims too, this is not my fault). Their reasoning was too many claims in a 3-year period in the state of GA BUT USAA did offer one of their other insurance programs which would keep me in the USAA family fold, I didn't complain and said I understood. The way I see it, I am only 1 of 100 of thousands of members who carry some sort of insurance policy with USAA, I also carry a Home Owners policy in the state of WA since 2019 and at one point in South Carolina I had for 3 years and I had carried a Home owners Ins policy on my home in GA before I had to transition to a Rental Property Ins for 3 years (on the same home) and when I return to GA which is in 1 to 2yrs from this date (I will let my MIL tenants know the outcome of this situation, because they have been following my circumstance). I also carry the high dollar value item on property insurance on items in my possession for the last 20yrs. Also, for 14 years I carried Auto Ins. / Renters Ins. for "Germany" with USAA on 2 vehicles and 1 motorcycle that was pretty (((spendy))) instead of going with a local German Ins Company and when I go back to Germany, I won't be using USAA. When I say I insured anything and everything with USAA I really mean everything for the last 20ty yrs., I've paid out ""$1,000s"“of money for multiple insurance coverages over the years with USAA to insure my 3 homes, multiple vehicles, 2 motorcycles, multi-item high value property, rental property, renter's insurance, please don't think in any way I am disgruntle (business is business - and I am only business to USAA, I'm not family only business), these are the facts of my situation. You pay for insurance for a peace of mind and to insure what you work for hard in life is taken care. I've been taking care of USAA for the last 20ty years, by paying my insurance bills, holding my banking accounts, and paying my fees, it's a give take relationship, so when it's my turn to be taken care of I expect to be taken care of, not dropped/terminated or the politically tactful way USAA says it "not being renewed".