Upcoming PCS move with 4 horses and 3 large dogs!!

Im a new navy wife and I need help! My husband and I are expecting to PCS at the end of the year but do not have orders yet. I am a horse trainer and we also have other pets on top of the 4 horses that we will definitely be bringing with us. Does anyone have any insight on what I have to look forward to, I'm a navy brat but don't remember much of PCS moves as a kid where I was essentially luggage. I have been given conflicting information about shipping the critters, cars, horse trailer, etc. Also would you advise sending the horses out ahead of us or shipping them at the same time or later once we get set up?


I recomend finding a home first if you have not done so for your pets. If you do have the home if possiable drive down to your new duty station with all your pets because you will know they are in good hands if your the one taking care of them. Also see if family rediense program can help u fill in the gaps.