I'm sorry to post this but after  20 years with USAA I am extremely disappointed with them concerning my home buying experience. While in the processes of selecting a home and establishing a contract with the seller. I contacted USAA (pre-approval section) several times to get an estimate of my closing cost's. I gave them all the pertinent information that they asked for, and was quoted a maximum of $1700.00 for closing on a $153,000 home (again I called multiple time to confirm) the following day, while talking with an "assigned" agent I was told that my closing costs would be be "estimated" $3500 to $3900. I really wish that this was told to me prior to agreeing to a contract with the seller. Long story sort, I cancelled my lone with USAA (thankful that I did not sign any paperwork with them) and found another broker that is effectively taking care of me and who is not charging me a loan origination fee. After being with USAA for so long it is truly disheartening to know that USAA cannot even give me an effective price quote prior to me signing a contract, and that they charge so much to process a loan.


Dissatisfied Army Vet


Dear retiredArmyman,

We are sorry to hear about your disappointment with your home buying experience. Your 20 year membership and satisfaction are important to us. Although you went with another lender, we would appreciate the chance to get more details and look into your situation to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again. You can provide us with the best way to contact you and more specifics about your mortgage process here. Thank you for your membership and sharing your experience.