Unreponsive, unfair, and fraudulent loan practices

I have been a USAA member since I was a kid. Both my parents were military, my husband was military, and I am currently serving. For most things, USAA does what is right and I feel like they truly care for Service members and their families. I cannot say the same for their mortgage loan practices. I know most people won't read the details of my story but here is the bottom line... USAA reported an overdue account ($103) after 31 days, enrolled me without authorization into a loan modification, didn't disclouse the continued negative credit reporting over the course of the loan modification, and failed to clearly show the overdue amount on the website and paper notification. USAA fails to maintain it's values (service, loyalty, honestly, integrity) and shows it's true colors when members need them the most.


Here's my story... my escrow amount changed 1 Oct...yes I was notified in one of those many spam emails/documents I get. I'm signed up for bill pay (which is apparently different then autopay). Come 1 November, I was overdue $103 on my mortgage. Life went on as usual. No phone call, no email, no text, no nothing... In December, I looked at my mortgage page, as I randomly do, and nothing was amiss. Nothing on the page had a clear statement that I was overdue for any amount. At this point I was overdue $206. USAA reported me to the credit bureau with an account overdue 31 days!!! My GREAT credit score (over 790) dropped to 640!!!!! Needless to say USAA did call me, but it was to tell me about this great program they enrolled me in... a loan modification, which meant I wasn't overdue anymore... What they didn't tell me was that this would drastically affect my credit. They didn't even discuss reporting me for an overdue account (Dec reporting doesn't show on a credit account right away). Lots of shady practices. It wasn't until I saw my credit report and called back to USAA that I realized I was screwing my credit report every month of this involuntary program enrollment... After getting a hold of a manager, who promised to review my situation, I have heard nothing from them. I call every day to get this situation cleared up. I want to trust USAA, but if this is what they do for an account being overdue $103... I feel bad for people who are really hurting.

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@EmilleeP I hope this situatioin was resolved satifactorily and somehow your credit rating didn't take that large hit.


It's disheartening to read how USAA's level of service has dopped in recent years.  I no longer reommend USAA to anyone even if they're eligible or services.  

Please remember that USAA has shifted its main objective of servicing it's customers to enriching it's CEO and upper management and instill their political views onto USAA.  What has happened to you is a direct result of this intentional shift in corporate direction.  I suggest that you divest from USAA ASAP.  USAA is not the company it once was.  Everything USAA offers can be bettered by other companies.  Shop around and you will see this.  BTW, no one at USAA can override the computer, not even to let common sense prevail.  What has been intentional done to USAA is a disgrace.

"service, loyalty, honestly, integrity" are vague memories when it come to USAA, rather they now stand for the opposite of these values; what a shame!

Hi Emilee.  After further research, it has been determined that your complaint needs to be forwarded onto USAA's CEO Member Advocacy Department for further handling, a representative from this department will be handling your case, and will reach out to you soon.  Thank you again for bringing this to our attention and for your patience while the research is completed.

Hello Emilee.  First, I would like to thank you, your husband and your parents for serving our country!  This is very concerning to read and I apologize this is happening to you.  Please advise if the manager (that was going to review your situation) provided you with a timeframe on when they would be in contact with you.  Since your mortgage loan is with our servicer, Nationstar Mortgage, I will need to do some more research on this situation and I will be back in touch with you.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention and for your membership.