Unhelpful mortgage loan officer

After 32 years of USAA membership, one USAA service I have never used is the Mortgage Loan.  Today's experience with a USAA mortgage loan officer will not change this streak.  You'd think that getting a loan officer to take the time to answer your questions completely would be easier in today's terrible economy and rising interest rates. Its clear to me that USAA is not interested in my mortgage business.

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Our family goes back three generations with USAA and I hate to agree but I do we all have see a huge decline with the service from USAA csrs from inaccurate information to just down right nasty representative and no follow up. I’m sorry you experienced this we all expect better from USAA.

I'm sorry to hear how we've disappointed you after 3 generations, @SueB67. Being sensitive and responsive to our members, as well as conducting business in a professional manner is always our goal, and I regret this is not what you've encountered. I will forward this feedback to the business team for further handling. The confidence you have placed in USAA is a powerful incentive to finding better ways to serve you, and I hope future contacts will restore your confidence in us.- Cathleen

Hello @Giffer, thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the experience you had with the mortgage department. We will try and locate the phone call and loan officer you talked to and be sure to forward your feedback to the manager. Again, please accept our apology and thank you for your tenured membership. 

Good afternoon @Giffer, I regret to hear of this experience as it is never how we want our members to feel. I was able to locate your profile and will share your concerns with the appropriate area. If additional information is needed they will reach out via this channel. We thank you for your time today. -Emily