Underwriters Deny My Loan And Call Me A Liar

Hello everyone, my name is Dominick.


I would like to begin by sharing a brief overview of my history with USAA.  My banking relationship with USAA began around 2007 in Alaska amidst my re-deployment from my second tour in Iraq.  I have long since been a loyal member, advocate, and have held a variety of accounts with USAA.  Over the years my interests and trust with USAA grew exponentially and has included money managing accounts, on-line banking, auto insurance on multiple vehicles, homeowners insurance on multiple properties, renter insurance, credit accounts including home equity lines of credit just to name a few. 


It is with a heavy-heart that I pack my ruck and seek banking solutions elsewhere.  After nearly a decade of banking with USAA my integrity is questioned by its Underwriters for a mortgage loan of approximately $60K.  My years of being a loyal member and nearly one-hundred thousand dollars safe-guarded are compromised by a $60K mortgage loan.


Allow me to elaborate on this, last year I moved to a different state and purchased my condo unit that I now OWN in my current building which is my primary residence and I do mean OWN (not mortgaged).  This condo was purchased with the intent of being an emergency safe haven for my mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's not too long ago. Anyone that has been a witness to this devastating illness knows how important it is to be around in the precious moments when the illness "lets go" and memory is restored in a loved one for mere moments.  


Recently, a less spacious unit in my building became available for purchase and being that I prefer to live alone I wouldn't require as much space as my parents would. I immediately jumped on the opportunity (Why does this even matter? Why so personal? EXACTLY!!!)  I swiftly began the mortgage application and provided all necessary documentation for purchase: Credit score above 750, monthly income approx $4,500, DTI not even close to being ineligible.  So why did the underwriters deny my purchase??? 


Despite clearly stating that I will in-fact occupy the unit to be purchased and conveniently putting it in writing for them, Underwriters decide to deny my application based on the ASSUMPTION that my adgenda was not to occupy the unit. Due to the difference in unit sizes, 2bdrm w/office  to a 2bdrm, they magically determined that I was "lying" about my intent to occupy the unit to be purchased.  It wasn't until I explained to my processor the above details of my personal life, that the issue was pushed up to a higher authority able of over-ruling the Underwriters.  This matter is yet to be decided on by this "over-ruling entity".  


I am 100% convinced that if the loan, with the same price tag, were for a 2016 luxury sedan of the European type, I would already be fueling up at a gas station near you....  I am disgusted at how my integrity was questioned with no apparent reasoning other than the fact that I already OWN a unit in this building.  I am disgusted at how I had to disclose personal information about my family under such scrutiny in order to receive a second opinion.  I am disgusted at how my credibility was so easily dismissed after nearly a recorded decade of never once failing to meet any of my obligations with this bank.  


NO, USAA!!  YOU DO NOT KNOW what it means to serve!!! 


Feel free to respond to this post with any questions you may have concerning this matter, I will respond until all of my accounts have been closed.  Thank you for reading.  





Ditto! Disabled Veteran widow! Despite having all credentials, DENIED!!!

Dear Dom5,


I am saddened to hear of the troubles you have encountered. I can assure you that we value your membership and would like to preserve our relationship with you. I have sent your comment over to our banking partners, and someone will be getting in touch with you. Thank you for your comment in community.

I feel your pan we were denied on an issue where they had wrong amounts for certain things I was told someone did it wrong smh I will also be moving on.

Dear member,


Before you decide to take such action such as switching banks, please give us the opportunity to see if there is anything further we are able to help you with. I have forwarded your comment to our banking partners for review. Thank you for your comment in community.

I love how desperate the USAA representative is to keep you business. After 22 yrs of carrying car insurance through them they are not renewing my policy because they said I didn't disclose information about my son. Some moron from underwriting calls me w/all the wrong info about my policy and I'm supposed to just voluntarily give out my sons social & DL numbers. Please! Don't these idiots know how little people trust the internet & phone calls w/personal information?! I'll be taking my business for insurance, banking & credit card elsewhere as well. USAA sucks in general. And they treat their employees like cr@p so I don't know why they stoop so low as to look so desperate on blog comments!! I will be letting the world know about their incompetent underwriting reviews and since I work at one of the largest military hospitals I will be letting all my friend, family & co-workers know just how sucky they are and how they (if they have USAA) should take all their business elsewhere as well!

Jules PG, we appreciate hearing about your recent experience with us and would hate to lose your membership after 22 years. USAA uses a trusted source to collect information from our members. I realize some members may be concerned with sharing information when being contacted about these matters by phone. We would like an opportunity to review your concerns further and will engage a member of our team to reach out to you. Thank you. - Rhonda

Try being an auto policy holder with USAA for 45 years and then receiving a notice that you're being dropped.  I hestitated to claim one accident for fear I would be dropped.  The agent told me, there's no chance of that, you've been a loyal USAA customer.    They must be under new management.  


I was going to report a certain CSR for her rudeness.  I could not believe how snarky her attitude was.   I simply called her number shown where to call her for further questions.  I called knowing it was after 10 pm, just to leave her a voicemail.   It happened to be her personal cell phone number.  *(How was I to know this?) She chastized me via text again for calling her at home so late and that I woke her baby up.   I waited a couple days and replied, I'm sorry, I didn't know this was your personal number.  I assumed after hours I would get your voicemail and just wanted to leave a message.   She chides me again with the meanest tone.   At first I gave her the benefit of doubt and thought she was just having a bad day.  But the second text was meaner than the first. 


Now I will report her and I have her snarky text messages as proof in writing.


I will never go back to USAA.  They do not care anything about loyalty.



Non-renewal of a member's policy is not something taken lightly especially in the case of a long term member like yourself.  Steps are taken to carefully review the household driving activity by means of two reviews, one being done by a manager prior to any decision being made.


I apologize if a representative who was not in a position to make such a decision conveyed to you that your policy would not be under review.  Second, your account about having less than pleasant conversations with a member of our Underwriting team will also be looked into further.  I engaged my partners within Underwriting management to look further into these matters.  You can expect a call from management within the next business day to address your concerns. - Ina