I have been reading alot of reviews in regard to USAA loan process. I closed in 2 weeks and i am nervous. I am not getting any feedback. I called my loan processer because i had a questions and she had not returned my call.



I understand your concerns are based on your loan closing is approaching. We are here for you every step of the way.  It appears your point of contact sent you an email on usaa.com with details for reviewing with underwriting may take 3-5 days for an update.  Please let us know if you require additional assistance. Thank you for your membership! - Celeste

@jahgirl - stay on top of this - just because someone @USAA sent you an e-mail doesn't mean anything.  It should not take 3-5 days for anyone to get back to you about what is or isn't needed.  They should know at this point.  Also do not be surprised if they ask for stuff you have already submitted and if they want to change your closing date.  If they say the title company or closing company is missing something, get their contact info (name, phone number, fax number) and contact them directly.  You may find out that they already have the information (happened to us) or you can send it directly to them (also did this, much easier).  I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but this is the reality of trying to get your loan done with USAA.     Also do not be afraid to stand your ground - USAA has a responsibility to you.  Also if they don't get things done and if you have not paid any money to them, I do not believe that they can actually require that you pay the loan application fee and other fees related to the loan.  Do not authorize them to automatically withdraw any money from your account.     Good Luck.        

@USAA - there are many negative reviews about the loan process on the Community Board and even though I did not post anything at the time of my refinancing, I personally experienced the repeated requests for information, the lack of communication, the change in closing date, and lots of frustration.  My biggest frustration was that USAA had not properly recorded our HELOC with the county and wanted to wait until they had fixed it before they would proceed on our refinancing backing up our closing date about a month or so which would obviously affect our rate, etc.  My answer was no - not my mistake so don't make it my problem.  The obvious solution was to record both the refinancing and the corrected HELOC loan amount at the same time.  Our refinancing should have been a slam dunk for many reasons and USAA made it a minor nightmare.   


We understand that we did not meet expectations. We greatly appreciate your willingness to provide feedback.  Your comments are very valuable and play an important part in improving our effort to be sensitive to the needs of our members.  Despite the many negative reviews there are still many USAA members who have had great experiences. Please let us know if you still require additional assistance.   ~Thank you. Celeste

@Celeste - The measure of how good or great a company is or can be is how they handle the little or big problems that their customers encounter.  I agree that there may be many members who are satisfied, but there are several who are not.  Five years ago, I sang the praises of USAA (as well as other members of my family) and USAA was ranked as a top 5 company for customer service across all industries and I was proud to be a member.  Now all I see are numerous mistakes and I feel that I have to doublecheck everything that USAA does.  USAA continues to "enhance" our experiences by using subpar vendors and exposing us to customer service representatives who are sometimes rude, sometimes uninformed, and sometimes condescending.  I know that there are some at USAA who do not want us to have these experiences but instead of the continued "cookie cutter" responses that we get, members need help and not tomorrow, not the next day or the day after, but NOW.  

     We do not need any additional help with our refinancing, but please help those who do need help.  I believe that someone else posted a comment that he/she has had 2 missed closings and could use some help NOW.


We appreciate your concerns. Our goal is to ensure that our members are provided with a level of service that you have come to expect from USAA.  In doing so, we make every effort to be sensitive to the needs. We are actively engaged with the person that expressed concerns with a loan closing. ~Thank you. Celeste