Mr. Wayne Peacock, CEO:

I am disappointed and highly displeased with the insurance claim service provided by USAA Claims representative, Ms. ***** Ellis. 

After discussion, and given my 53-year relationship with USAA, I elected to let her coordinate my claim, naively expecting that she and USAA Insurance Co. would be forthcoming, helpful, and most importantly, to advocate on my behalf. 

Her abrupt, curt response has been anything but informative and helpful, leaving me disabused of such naivete.  



On January 1, 2020 at 6:00 PM  a teenage girl [ accompanied by two(2) passengers ] lost control of her 2012 Nissan [  auto insurance provided by Amica Mutual Ins Co.  ] while driving on  the street above my home , and drove some 30 feet down my landscaped embankment, coming to rest against a stone column of my front an almost vertical attitude. 

In so doing,
a.) sections of my two(2) concrete block retaining walls were "blasted" down into the walkway area between my house and the wall.b.) the impact undermined the structural integrity of another wall section (some 20 ft to the north ) causing it to collapse as well.
I contacted eight(8) local landscape/hardscape contractors,  six(6) of whom, inspected the wall damage. Only two(2) followed-through with proposals ranging from some $16,250 to $58,000.

On January 29, 2020, engaged by Ms. Ellis, Mr. Robb Rodgers-Insurance Adjuster from the Charlotte office of David Morse & Associates arrived, inspected the damage, took a few photos and laser-measurements, and stated that he would enter the data into a computer program, Xactimate, which would generate specifications for necessary repair work, as well as the cost to do so. 

On February 11, 2020, I received from Ms. Ellis the fruit of that calculation and notice that settlement in the amount of $10,718.55, representing a reduction of $1,000, i.e. the deductible of our  homeowner's policy, had been deposited to checking account. 

I dispute the validity of Xactimate's calculation, arguing that it fails to accurately reflect local block wall reconstruction costs.

In later conversation with Ms. Ellis, she advised that "EXL" on behalf of USAA would coordinate with Amica Mutual Ins Co to recover the $1,000.00 deductible.  She was hopeful that this would be accomplished in several months. Unacceptable!
Even so, under her outrageous proposal, I would suffer a loss of approximate $4,541.45 loss.
I expect my insurance company of long-standing and Amica to act immediately to resolve my claim.
I fully expect to be made whole.   


@CaptBPC, thank you for taking time to convey your concerns.  I am sad to read that you are unhappy with the handling of your homeowner claim.  I am here to make sure your concerns are escalated to our CEO Member Relations team for prompt consideration.  I value your 53 years of long-standing tenure with the USAA family and am confident your claim will be handled fairly.  @CaptBPC, there is 2-3 business day handle time.  This is to allow time for your file to be assigned and reviewed by a senior claims representative.  You can expect a call from your dedicated specialist shortly thereafter. - Ina

Whao.... back peddle....  they just deposited the money into your account without your accepting the settlement?  Did you sign something giving authorization to do so?  Is it in the fine print?  Should we all be aware of this?  

Good luck on your claim.  I have been doing battle for over 3 years on a claim that is similar in basis.  Learn your policy.  Don't back down.  Hire a Public Adjuster.  

Sure don't see any mention of having to hire a Public Adjuster in all those ads USAA is running.  Hum.....

You only have to hire a public adjuster if you plan on getting paid what the damage actully costs to repair.  Then you have to pay your adjuster.  My claim to date is three years one month and six days...but who's counting? I'd love to chat about it however, my 12 hour shift in the emergency room starts in an hour and I have to get there early so I can try and find A mask and hopefully a gown and enough gloves to last all day. 


It's like being a soldier going into battle wearing flipflops and a t-shirt.