We are three days away from closing, and USAA just called to tell us our final closing costs are $3000.00 more than what they have been quoting us throughout our homebuying processes. I realize that their quotes are estimates, but I have purchased a few properties, and NEVER have they been more then a few hundred dollars off from the original quote, and typically the quote is inflated in order to ensure we have the funds available when the actual costs to close come in. We have been the ones reaching out to our loan officer this entire process, not once have they reached out to us to provide updates or even ask for additional forms they needed in order to process our loan, it has been us pushing them along. Again, this isn't our first home buying experience, and our other lending agents have always made sure to provide updates, and ensure we were tracking as projected. Long story short, since we are less than three business days to close, and we are just now finding out that we need to come up with an additional $3000.00 because of an error in their estimates, that they couldn't bother to get to us earlier, now we won't be closing and losing the $5000.00 we payed in good faith. I am really disgusted with USAA. 


Profits before People, is the new USAA protocol.



We regret to hear of your experience with the purchase of your home. This is not the type of service we expect for our members. Your comments have been escalated for review and response.