Looking for more information on how umbrella insurance works when you have multiple properties that you rent out.
Do you apply them to yourself or to a house? Or so you build a LLC first and apply it to that?


Thanks for your question. I will post a response shortly, I need to consult with an insurance specialist here at USAA! Thank you!

Was there a reply to this email on getting more info out to us for Umbrella Insurance and rental property?




Hi Mara!


Here is the answer from an expert here at USAA:


Umbrella coverage extends to all homes owned by a member as well as all members who reside in the immediate household.  So if a member has non-commercial rental properties, then he/she would need to contact us so we can add them to the umbrella policy and the policy accordingly.  If these rental properties are insured locally (not w/USAA), we still have to list them and ask additional Underwriting questions to ensure the homes meet our guidelines to be covered under the Umbrella (such as – if insured locally, do they have the required minimal underlying limits? Is the home rented long term or short term?) 


I hope that helps ansnwer your question here is a link to additional FAQs about the policy!:




Thanks for posting!