USAA you must have read a book on how to screw up a mortgage

I can't believe the horrible quality of service I and my family received from the mortgage department at USAA. If it was in a film about bad service you would say that is just too over the top. After two months of below acceptable service we finally arrived at the day of closing only to find that USAA had not prepared many of the documents that were needed for our closing. This was after a pre-approval process and dealing with someone who was NEVER in the office. I really wanted to use you for my mortgage because in the past you have been so effective in all my other dealings. This experience was one of the worst I have ever had and now I am looking to move all of my financial needs to somewhere else. Thanks USAA I had planned on going out to a nice dinner to celebrate my new home, now I would rather go home and take two aspirin and call it a day. To put it frankly, you sucked so bad today and for so many reasons for the last two months that I just had to let you know. Seriously, if you have mortgage needs go anywhere else for better service, even the mafia.


I just sold my home, and I will NEVER use USAA for a mortgage again.
I didn't get approved for a loan through USAA for a new home but I was approved elsewhere, sad for USAA, great for there competition.
For those who don't have good service with USAA (and those who do), this report might be instructive. Although it is 6 1/2 years old you can see that some states have very poor consumer protection laws (blackened dots).

How this varies for car insurance, banking law protection, real estate - Who knows, but you can see there are some states with extremely strong consumer laws and I will bet those are the states where people don't tend to have as many problems with USAA.

I would like to see the process being uniformly good but I think the results you get are indicative of what is required of USAA by the state you live in and not by USAA's own (formally good and universal) standards. anyway it's worth a look.

Dear Austin,

Thank you for posting. I have escalated your comments and experience to the mortgage department who will be reaching out to you personally to work towards a timely closure. I assure you they will be more more pleasant to deal with than the mafia:) In all seriousness, thank you for sharing your experience and I look forward to further updates form you here in the community. Thank you.

I feel like I am about to deal with the same issues.  See my post i just posted.  Seems like realtors aren't willing to work with USAA.  I may go some place else now...especially from your experience.


Raskkasan 187,

I responded to your other post here. Thank you.