I'm in the process of retiring from the military and my wife and I are buying our home. I found out that USAA has dropped me from getting coverage and will not insure my home due to past claims. The past claims occurred on:
04-02-2014 and were for
2 x property damage (computer and wedding ring) each of those claims totaled less than $500 each. The $5,000 wedding ring wasn't a loss, just had two smaller stones fall out and the computer fell and needed a few hundred dollar repair (MacBook so I made out lucky there)
The 3rd claim was for PROPERTY DAMAGE WATER DAMAGE - PLUMBING which was the result of a water leak in the walls of the home we were renting that caused our property to be damaged. This was an $1100 claim. Prior to that there is nothing. Actually there was, USAA had a claim on there for the wildfires in Southern California that caused some damage, but has since pulled that off since we had no control over the fires, much like we had no control over a pipe leaking in the wall.
I have been a member with USAA for 16 years and have been insuring my vehicles and property with them for a majority of that time. How is it that a human can't look at this situation and know it's the wrong call? And for those that wonder how my other finances look and credit worthiness I currently have a 830 credit score and have never missed a payment or been late on a payment in my life, but somehow their magic number of 3 claims makes you high risk???

When I called and spoke with a rep they said it doesn't seem right and they would have someone call me in 2-3 days. In 2 days I got a letter, generic and generated by a computer, that "At this time, we are not accepting your request because your claims history does not meet our underwriting criteria."

USAA I'm there for you when the bills are due and you need to get paid, but it is apparent that you are not there for the very people you say your here to serve.


Hello and thank you for providing your feedback concerning us being unable to insure you. I will engage one of my colleagues from our insurance team and they will follow-up with you on tomorrow to provide additional insight regarding your concern. Thank you and we look forward to helping you! - Darrell

They needed to save $$ to give the Executives there pay increase

Hello Mi Jefe. The feedback you provided is not relevant to the other member's concern. Please let me know if you have a specific concern I can address. Thanks! - Darrell

You may also file a complaint with the CFPB

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On the 4th of March I posted to the community board where a USAA rep said they would pass my complaint on and that a rep from USAA will get back with me the following day. Its now the 19th of March and aside from you trying to police your boards professing to help customers you are still failing to help your customers or look into the issue that was originally reported on. 


Should I flood my posting to get your attention or will this be addressed? Or did the 2 posting from "Mi Jefe" make it so difficult that you could not address my complaint?



Nicholas4, we have your initial post and I apologize for any oversight on our end. Please be assured your post will be routed to the appropriate team for further review. It may take a few days for a follow up to be made. Thank you. - Rhonda

Wow!! Briana needs a co-signer, it seems.



USAA did get back with me and several days before 1 of the 3 claims were to fall off and they could insure me again.  They called and said they made an exception. Mind you this was literally less than a week before it would have self corrected and I would have been good to be insured anyways. I told them I went with another insurance company because I needed homeowners insurance to close on our home. Their reply was "You know you dont have to stay with the other company. You can get the homeowners insurance now and then a month later cancel and come back to USAA." I replied to the guy with "why would I do that?" They have done with they told me they could do and insure me at a rate that actually beats USAAs. I then stated that they proved to me that you truly are there for the paycheck and the way this case was handled only reiterated what my wife (veteran as well) has been telling me for years. I have and will continue to move assets out of USAA and into companies that care for my business.