USAA too inundated in their mortgage department

I have received much correspondence with USAA to use their services. Once being a loyal member and what of their best advertising tools, I took them up on it in re-financing my home. Imagine my shock when I placed the on-lone application and 2 days later I receive a call telling me it will be 5-7 days before someone can contact me and assist me...REALLY?? The customer service aspect of their mortgage department is nonexistent. If this is any indication of how they support their members I can only wonder what how they truly value me as a member. When after 15 years you can get better service from your local credit union than such a large institution like USAA, there is much concern. It may be time to shop around for other banking, investment, retirement and insurance suppliers as well.


Dear Retiring 510,

I am sorry to hear about the long wait time for a call back and would like to get someone in contact with you before then. Please send us an email at including the details you provided above, your member number and the best way to contact you and we will have someone in touch shortly. Thank you for your 15 year membership, we look forward to hearing from you.