USAA sold my loan to Mr. Cooper

Well USAA sold my loan and servicing thereto to a company called Mr. Cooper.   I continually have login problems to their website and I am no computer slouch.  They can't send me a timely email if my life depended on it.  All in all a poor transition and truly sad that USAA didn't do a little more research into who they were unloading a great customer (me) to.  

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The answer to this is "don't trust USAA."

While you, like everyone else, is welcome to opinions and the ability to transmit them, I’m rather curious about you [and some other “special” people].   I agree wholeheartedly USAA has changed many times and many ways over the past 45+ years I’ve been a member.   Some changes were good, some were bad [to horrible]; I’ve considered leaving USAA many, many times and left comments here often close to yours.   But you piqued my curiosity today by the comment “don’t trust USAA”.   You’re welcome to your opinion, but WHY do you stay with a bank you can’t trust????   If I consider a company or individual untrustworthy, I dump that organization or person like a hot rock.   I don’t like things USAA did, like selling my investment accounts, under-valuing property destroyed in a hail storm, and constantly tweaking its website to improve [but all too often making things farrrrr worse], and others.  That’s why I leave only a few thousand in USAA while keeping most of my ready cash in multiple federal credit unions.   But you say you don’t trust a company that holds and manages your money.   That’s your right, but very, very odd!    Observing human nature is an interesting pastime….you and a few others make that pastime quite enjoyable over time.   Mostly just chuckles at your expense, but enjoyable still.   But not trusting a company where you do business?   That’s like preparing to rappel down a high cliff [or dropping off a chopper skid] with a rope you have reason to not believe is capable of holding your weight.  Human nature is a remarkable thing; as long as I can watch it with no impact on me.   So keep up the “good fight” complaining about USAA.   I don’t come onto this section often, but I know I can always find something chuckleworthy…or perplexing…any time I do.   Today was only a bit more interesting.   Hmmmmmmm.

I have a loan that that was sold to Mr. Cooper by another company and I've been generally satisfied with their service -- a huge improvement over the previous loan servicer who didn't seem to understand the purpose of a website.


Anyway, I do have one big complaint you should keep your eye on: Mr. Cooper waits until the very last moment to make scheduled payments out of escrow. I get warnings from insurers that my bill hasn't been paid and I get warnings from the tax collector that my taxes haven't been paid. They have been paid, but if it's transmitted after 5 PM ET evidently it counts as being "paid" but it won't process with the payee until the next business day.

Very irritating.