I've been a member since 1967... that's better than 50 years! Once upon a time, I knew I could rely on USAA if a problem arose... But over the years USAA has found ways to "limit" all support...

    Most recently, fed up with being forced to buy unneeded Flood Insurance, I paid off my home equity loan in full... I have requested documents to prove the loan is paid... I have asked for a "audit" because I believe Nationstar did not handle the "transfer" properly.. I have received nothing... calls to USAA are transferred to Nationstar are transferred to the mortgage department, which are transferred to some other "department", etc... No one at Nationstar seems to know what the heck is going on, and USAA isn't helping...

   Today (1 November 2019) I receive an email telling me how great USAA is doing handling my mortgage, blah, blah, blah... but the fact is USAA is apparently selling off loans and who knows what else..

   BTW... I would appreciate it if USAA would INSURE that I do not get any more calls from the collection agencies that bug me regularly about FLOOD Insurance... and threaten me with high cost FLOOD Insurance and "action" if I do not agree to accept their **....


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Hello OCS1967. I am sorry to hear of the frustration this has caused.  I am with USAA Real Estate Dept. as our Home Equity team does not have access to Member Community posts such as yours, but I contacted them for additional information. They confirmed that Nationstar was transferred servicing of you Home Equity last year. They also stated that there is an oversight team with USAA that can get involved if you were to escalate to a manager at Nationstar. I believe this may be your best course of action in following up on your audit request.  Please call them at 855-430-8489 and request to speak with a manager. They may also be able to speak to the flood insurance calls you are receiving. I hope this is resolved for you soon. Thank you.


Flood insurance is actually done by a government agency (can't remember who right now) but if you look on your policy, it should list that agency. Companies like USAA only serve as brokers.  Contact them and report USAA.  I reported USAA because I had cancelled our flood insurance which was not needed and USAA kept calling me like it was a collection call which was totally unacceptable.  The agency that regulates flood insurance will be able to tell you when you can cancel (there are certain guidelines).  They were great to work with and actually a bit appalled at the actions of USAA to keep calling saying I owed them money when I didn't.  In fact, one way to cancel a policy is upon renewal to just not pay the bill - notifying USAA is not even required.  You just have to make sure that you are not in a flood zone where it is mandated.