USAA recommended contractor is exteremly shady.

The roofer that USAA recommended I use for my claim has given me an estimate that includes replacement gutters. I don't have gutters on my house and never did. I told the General manager at Southeast Restorations in Chattanooga, Tn this and he assured me that this was the way to get USAA to pay for gutters. I called my claim representative ( which has been a different person every time I called ) and they did not seem to care. I am pretty sure that this is insurance fraud. Why would USAA not care if they are getting defrauded by a company they are recommending to people?


@Bandit 7, thank you for your membership and taking the time to share your feedback with your homeowner's insurance claim.  I asked a claims specialist to investigate your matter further.  They will also follow up with you with their findings.  Thanks again.  ~ Robert

I had a similar issue.  I had a USAA contractor who had documented (by me) fraud of well in excess of $10k.  I wrote a 10 page report documenting the fraud line by line along with supporting photos.  USAA's fraud division said they were not interested.  This is not the USAA I knew 30 years ago.