As a first time home buyer I admit that I barely knew what I was getting myself into. What I didn't know was that USAA's mortgage service has a reputation for being incompetent.

Getting pre-qualified is easy enough. Getting your checklist together after and searching for a home is also pretty easy.

The problem comes in that USAA will not let you provide documents, start application, or even answer any questions they'll have until AFTER you have a contract signed to buy a house.

The problem is that once that contract is signed I have 15 days to secure financing. USAA completely ignores this and no matter how prompt I am with documents and signatures, it turns out every step takes multiple days to finish and they seem to be dragging their feet every inch of the way. There is no urgency.

It's clear that USAA doesn't care about their Veterans in this area, as they are not taking care of me like they say they will and I am now in danger of losing this house and my earnest money all because financing took to long on their end.

If this doesn't happen then I will take all my services elsewhere, banking-insurance-everything, and this will be a review and not just a message board.

If you are going through USAA for buying a home, know that you need to allot a month for financing, which is not typical, and consider elsewhere because there are many services that can beat them.



Congratulations on purchasing your first home. I too found the whole process to be a bit overwhelming. I am so sorry you are not receiving the service you need in a timely manner. I would like to get you in contact with a mortgage specialist to ensure you get what you need. Please send an email to with your member number and the best way to contact you. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you