USAA makes up their own rules as they go along

I have been with USAA 28 years and it's seems like they make up their own rules as they go along to suit them. When applying for homeowners insurance I am well within their parameters of a fire department being less than 15 miles from our home. It's actually 14 miles from the home. I was denied a policy because they "felt" it was too much of a risk despite their written parameters which they are not following. Very disappointed in USAA it seems to be the norm these days anyway as service has been slipping. Now I must pull all my car insurance and go with State Farm to get a bundle quote because USAA makes up the rules as they go along.


@ranchlady, we certainly don't want you to feel we make the rules as we go along. We want to address all your questions and concerns regarding your homeowner's quote. I've escalated your concerns for further review and once reviewed someone will reach out to you directly to discuss in greater detail. Thanks for reaching out today. -Cynthia 

I could be wrong but I think USAA is underwritten by State Farm, at least for auto you'll probably be getting the same deal going directly with them.  I've had very similar experiences with USAA many times in the past.  I've briefly looked around and found lots of other companies that offer the same service for the same and often less money.  I'll be moving all of my accounts to other services shortly as well.

@CJ44, I'd like to help with any issue you may be currently experiencing with our team. Please let me know how I can help? We value your membership and the last thing we want is to see  you go. -Cynthia