USAA low estimate compared to local contractors

I’m trying to get repairs done on a water damage claim in a spare bathroom.  Started over 4 months ago when we returned home from a 2 week vacation.  Yes there was a toilet leak that caused some major damage to a bathroom, downstairs ceiling.  I think we got lucky as it appears the leak was only a few days old.  Servpro cleaned up the mess and in the process, the entire bathroom was gutted except for the bathtub and a cabinet.  The vanity and flooring was destroyed.  


The 1st USAA adjuster came to the house and worked up an estimate and paid Servpro for their services.  I thought all was going well until I tried hiring a contractor.  Several contractors refused to give a bid because of USAA’s reputation for under bidding a repair.  I couldn’t believe it because I’ve never had any issues with USAA.  I had one prior water damage claim in over 20 plus years.  I finally got a bid from a contractor that has a good reputation and USAA refused to adjust their estimate for my claim.  I thought maybe I should check with a couple other contractors.  I found 2 additional contractors.  One provided a higher bid than the 1st and the other was pretty close to the 1st bid.  Fast forward 4 months and multiple unanswered phone calls and emails and I have a new adjuster.  Sounds good right? Wrong, apparently he’s not seeing eye to eye with the contractor and they won’t deal with each other.  


I just want want to get my house repaired!  There are no USAA approved contractors in my area.  Anyone have advice?  I’ve gotten no where with USAA.  Help!



@Duckie2, I am sorry to hear about the water damages to your home and the frustration you're having with the claim.  I asked a claims subject matter expert to look into your concerns further and to follow up with you as well.  They will be contacting you within one business day.  Thanks.  ~ Robert

Dunkie2, I'd keep hounding them. Don't accept anything from them until they get it right.  They always promote "rebuild/repair/replacement costs" during premium renewal time, but it's obvious they fail to back it up when it's time for them to pay. Even a better reason for customers to question them about it.  The internet has a lot of useful information on how to file complaints against your insurance company. Hopefully someone at USAA will step in quickly to help resolve your issue.

The canned reply of "subject matter expert".   How about resolving the problem for a member and updating this board instead?