I was told by the loan officer that ALL VA loans have standard rates across the industry. Being a first time home buyer, and obviously a first time VA loan user, I took the USAA employee at his word. Find out a now, a couple weeks before my close date, that he mislead me and that lenders set there own rates regardless if it is VA loan or not.

I run this complaint up his chain of command and talk to his manger who tells me sorry, but there's nothing he can do. The worst part is I made a commitment to close on the house on a certain date because the family is set to move out of state. So USAA through there actions have not only negatively impacted me, but also another family.




It's disappointing to hear you feel this way. USAA is committed to offering our members world class customer service. Your comments have been shared with a colleague who will research and reach out to you to discuss this matter further. Thank you for the opportunity to address your concerns. -Gus